News from exhibitors

A Polyclose 2020, vous trouvez toutes les dernières nouveautés des fournisseurs phare. Voici une sélection :

Window making digitally optimized with 3E-LOOK 

The southern German IT specialist is pressing ahead with digitization in window making. According to Gerhard Ebert, owner and CEO of 3E, digitization is the only answer to the industry's needs, such as skills shortages and price erosion. For this reason, 3E is working at top speed on the end-to-end digitization, including marginal processes, such as those that take place on the worksite. In the past years, the ERP software 3E-LOOK has been technologically updated to fully meet the requirements of digitization of work and organization. The functional depth fully supports the digital transformation in fenestration: comprehensive object management, clever dealer solutions, smart planning tools, control center technology, e-procurement and mobile solutions: All processes in window making are fully digitalized right up to the construction site. See innovative technology with 3E-LOOK at Polyclose.

Clearsight and FINEO

AGC's optimised Clearsight anti-reflective glass has arrived. The special magnetron coating cuts light reflection to less than 1%, delivering near-perfect transparency and making this product the ideal solution for viewing platforms, shop windows and showcases. This innovative glass can be used annealed or heat treated; and further processed into curved glass or enhanced via silk screen printing and digital printing. By combining minimal reflection with superb light transmission of 98%, it offers greater clarity and improved vision through the glass. FINEO is a vacuum insulating glazing delivering the same thermal insulation performance as triple glazing. With its thin profile it can integrate seamlessly into renovation projects or new constructions alike. Unlike other vacuum glazing technologies, it has no evacuation port. FINEO boasts a number of advantages: a higher incidence of natural light, better acoustic attenuation, and an enhanced solar factor leading to less fossil fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions.

Specialist in decorative door panels for ALU and PVC joinery

Anaf Products, Belgian specialist in decorative door panels for ALU and PVC joinery, proudly presents during Polyclose 2020: extension of the Integra series door panels with integrated door handles and glazing; the exclusive Homebox isolated letterbox, now with painted exterior flap; the integration of the complete decorative door panel library in your favorite window calculation software.

ePED: electrically controlled Panic Exit Device

In the event of emergency or panic, everyone is going to be in a major hurry – and it’s situations like this that put the escape route management system to the test. Everything has to work flawlessly, and all components must interact with one another smoothly. effeff’s new development ePED now enables all users to combine the electrically controlled emergency exit technology with the complex door system and its control technology via intelligent bus-based Hi-O Technology. ePED stands for electrically controlled Panic Exit Device. The biggest advantages of ePED include delayed opening of the emergency exits as protection and useful functions such as fire protection technology and access control. Reliable release when the emergency switch is thrown in the event of a malfunction as well as information on maintenance, opening cycles and fault diagnostics are also of great benefit to the user.

Altera: the ultimate flexible outdoor space 

The Altera, “the ultimate flexible outdoor space”. The phrase perfectly sums up the essence of this versatile sunblind. Anyone who describes the Altera simply as a sunblind, however, fails to do it justice. This is a hybrid between a sunblind and a (free-standing) terrace roof. A louvered canopy, unique in our range, which consists largely of aluminium components. Whereas awning fabric normally performs the task of excluding the sun’s rays, in this case it is the 125 degree rotating aluminium slats that offer considerable protection regardless of their position. In addition to excluding the sun’s rays, the Altera is also water-resistant when closed. Its integrated water drainage ensures that you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind even during a heavy shower. Besides the standard model, the Altera can be equipped with all kinds of accessories that make your stay in your own garden even more pleasant. Whether the weather is fair or foul, the Altera is the ultimate flexible outdoor space for you.

POLAR, a new collection with 6 exclusive hues in a fine textured finish

POLAR is part of the Alesta SuperDurable powder coating offering for metal substrates. Formulated with super durable polyester resins, high-quality pigments and stabilizers that ensure an outstanding outdoor durability, complying to the strictest specifications. The SuperDurable quality is enhanced with Alesta COOL properties that ensure an increased infrared reflection, keeping the temperature of the painted surface lower. As a finish the POLAR products are Fine Textured, this was the original sandy textured powder coating in architectural quality in the market. The fine textured effect is highly appreciated in the architectural world due to its special and sophisticated look and high scratch resistance. The POLAR colours provide the answer for the issues caused by thermal stress on metal substrates in architecture and design. In addition, the 6 exclusive, dark hues fit perfectly in today’s architectural tendency.

Thermotresh: the unique sealing threshold suitable for all wood & pvc door profiles

Whatever the frame profile, the threshold system and accessories remain the same!
This exclusive threshold guarantees a high performance of resistance to infiltration of air / water / wind thanks to the integrated drainage system. Thermotresh adapts to door thicknesses between 68 and 88 mm, and its thickness of 24 mm guarantees the perfect use according to the European standards in use. Demonstrations and full technical details on the Barbier booth.

Less is more

On the basis of the philosophy of “less is more”, BT Group’s aesthetic and technological evolution has led to the development of a new self-supporting aluminium bioclimatic pergola with a refined and innovative design. Depending on the orientation of the blades forming the roof (22x4 cm aluminium blades, adjustable from 0° to 140°, complete with seals and side gutters to allow the water drainage), the structure can guarantee a total or partial shade and a perfect climate control, becoming a shelter from rain. This way it is possible to live the outdoor space in every different climatic condition. Its functioning is ensured by an exclusive low voltage linear motor. The outdoor space becomes hence welcoming, a real outdoor lounge characterized by a linear and sophisticated aesthetic. The structure of the pergola can be customized with additional options: you can even apply LED lights or side panels to create original solutions in full synergy with the environment.

New product 2020: B250XL

The B250XL, equipped with 21 cm wide louvers, is the new splash-proof version based on the B200XL. Thanks to the perfect closure of the louvers on the gutters, the roof offers ideal protection against splashes and prevents a cold air flow between the louvers and the gutters. The B250XL with optional ZIP screens and electric heating ensures a pleasant atmosphere all year round. The louvers rotate from a low hinge point close to the gutter. The louvers rest on the gutter when they are closed. Design more elegant than ever; perfect closure; the warmth from the heating is better preserved under the pergola; no visible screws. Specifications: stand-alone or wall-mounted; can be coupled along the length and width; perfect dosage of light, shade and ventilation; water drainage through the poles. Operation with the smartphone: IO pergolas can easily be controlled remotely via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can even control it remotely by means of voice control via Google Home or Amazon Alexa.


Cad-Plan shows Athena 2019, the newest version of the leading AutoCad application for curtain wall design and facade engineering. It is used by fabricators in the curtain wall industry. Athena is a complete Cad Package to simplify the daily design tasks in the technical curtain wall business: a 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing shop drawings (elevations, cross-sections and workshop drawings); a versatile 3D design section with the possibility of producing parts lists and production drawings directly from the 3D design; flexible BIM functionality (interface) to Autodesk Revit; powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics; a sheet editing program for sheet metal design and sheet metal unfolding.

Solutions for outdoor sun screens

Carpentier can provide a range of ingenious solutions for outdoor sun screens. Besides sliding shutters with fixed and adjustable louvers, we offer a range of stylish shutters that fold sideways and upwards. Upward folding shutters can be conveniently integrated into the building façade, making them virtually hidden when closed, and they open out into an awning. All types of outdoor shutters keep summer heat outdoors while creating an intimate space inside the house or wooden outbuilding. Created in HOTwood , they are available in ready-made kits for all window types. We will be more than happy to discuss possibilities for your specific project. Furthermore, Carpentier offers a wide range of gates, fences, patio shutters , mainly covered with HOTwood as hand invisibly mounted thanks to our unique Quick Clip system.

New “Look & Feel” designer range for premium interior finishes

They may be a small detail, but door fittings and lever handles have long held plenty of fascination for architects. The best-known example is probably the Gropius Lever Handle, designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. Now, the trend is for dark tones and matt surfaces. The locking systems manufacturer CES based in Velbert, Germany, has tapped into this trend, presenting new colours and surfaces for its Look & Feel range. To achieve the glimmering, matt look and velvety feel of the surface, the brass case undergoes a multi-stage coating process, which includes the addition of fine metal particles. These lend the cylinders and knobs the same velvety appearance as the latest generation of door fittings and lever handles. CES has also selected its colour palette on the basis of the ranges offered by leading fittings manufacturers. Six shades are available, from Midnight Black to Rising Bronze and Moonlight Silver. The new design is available to order with immediate effect for both mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, as well as for mortise locks.

Imago, the new frontier of living outside the home

Previewed at Polyclose 2020, Imago is the latest project by Corradi. Born from a new vision of the outdoor space, Imago is an outdoor structure with adjustable blades, conceived as an autonomous and ductile entity, available to the function for which it is designed and embodies the Corradi DNA made up of experience, innovation, emotion and Italian design. Integration, flexibility, continuity: these are the principles that have guided the development of Imago in every phase, from the creative process to the definition of a solution with a linear design. Imago goes beyond the concept of an outdoor product to enter the dimension of the space to be lived in. A self-sufficient solution for construction details: platform, pillars, beams in full architectural continuity between them. The design is driven by extreme precision. Imago has so far been conceived in three versions that exemplify its potential: Imago Gourmet, Imago Feeling Good and Imago Dreaming.

Cor Vision Plus: the greatness of minimalism

Minimalistic sliding system especially suitable for large dimensions (sashes up to 4 m wide or high), which provides maximum luminosity with minimum visible profile, making possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94 %. Its extraordinary glazing capacity (up to 54 mm) guarantees the best thermal performance (Uw from 0,9 W/m²K) and acoustic insulation (Rw = 43 dB). Minimalism: interlocking profile with only 25 mm width. Motorized opening: sashes up to 700 kg, activated by remote control, it allows concealed sash and frame. Manual opening: sashes up to 400 kg with exterior and interior key lock. Accessibility: possibility to bury the bottom frame and integrating it with the finish floor (wooden platform, flooring, ceramic...), obtaining a transition between the outside and the inside without any kind of obstacle. Drainage solution for rain exposed areas. Configurations up to 6 sashes. 90° corner configurations with floating mullion.

Renewed Parasilico range

Parasilico has been produced since 1979 by the Belgian family company DL Chemicals. Parasilico silicone sealants are ideal for sealing elastic joints and finishing off many building projects. The sealants have a permanent elasticity and an excellent adhesive strength on the majority of construction materials. They are produced under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality label and have several product certifications. The new cartridge design is made up of the company’s typical colours, black and green, which gives more serenity and uniformity to the range. Furthermore, every silicone type can be easily recognised by its specific colour area. Finally, a category mentioned on the cartridge helps distinguish which applications the sealant is suitable for such as weatherseal, universal, sanitary, plastics, natural stone, high temperatures, fire resistant...

TronicVent: discover the latest generation of window ventilators

There is a fresh wind blowing through Duco’s ventilation and solar shading range in the direction of Polyclose. This ventilation manufacturer is set to inspire many a visitor with TronicVent, the latest electronically-controlled window ventilator. This CO2-controlled window ventilator opens and closes 100% automatically based on presence. This smart demand control translates into optimum comfort and energy-efficient ventilation system operation. Acoustic foam guarantees silent operation with up to 41 dB of acoustic absorption in the open position! What’s more, the ventilator can be fitted into the window frame quickly and simply, while the new internal louvre grille is easily removable. The almost invisible integration above the window results in an aesthetic design. Combined with the DucoBox Silent Connect or DucoBox Focus ventilation box, it creates an update to the DucoTronic System, which can boast a reduction factor of up to 0.35 as an E-level-reducing ventilation package within system C.

New aluminium alloy for use in construction

E-MAX has been producing high-quality, sustainable aluminium profiles for more than ten years. Each and every profile is produced with X-ECO: premium circular aluminium. E-MAX has recently made something of a breakthrough: aluminium alloys for use in construction can now be produced with 90% recycled content and at least the same high-quality mechanical and surface properties as traditional aluminium. These features have been repeatedly verified by Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This premium circular aluminium will hit the market in January 2020, retaining its name, X-ECO. These aluminium profiles not only have the lowest CO2 impact in the world, but are also highly suited to use in windows, doors, and façades. If you’d like to learn more about how you can contribute to the circular economy with trendsetting E-MAX, or would like to see how you can use aluminium with the world’s lowest carbon footprint, visit Polyclose and make your products future-proof!

Belgian Federation of Aluminium Constructors supports its members with education and training

Aluminium joinery and facade construction have been on the rise in recent years. The order books of the constructors are well filled. The demand for high quality personnel is therefore high. The Belgian Federation of Aluminium Constructors (FAC) supports its members in meeting this need and is committed to the training and education of talent in and for the sector. In doing so, it targets a mix of groups. For example, the theoretical basic course and the completion course in Facade Techniques are aimed at technical managers and personnel. FAC also organises practical workshops for installers, site managers and foremen. In addition, the federation strives to give aluminium joinery a fully-fledged place in the joinery program in secondary school. Finally, FAC tries to get jobseekers interested in a job in the sector by organising a practical course Production Aluminium Joinery.

Ground breaking products

Fassada Systems is a Belgian based knowledge company, focused on the development, the marketing and the IP licensing of worldwide patented high-end aluminium and steel curtain wall systems for commercial and high-rise buildings. H60-hybrid: 1st mullion-transom curtain wall system ever with fool proof installation from the inside of the building; no screws, no silicone, no scaffoldings; totally invisible integrated turn tilt vents; performances never seen before; tested up to 3.000 Pa; labour time for installation and manufacturing reduced by more than 50 %; a new era has begun. H60-hybrid inverso: structural element at the outside and no tubular mullion at the inside; no loss of space, flat façade at the inside; the ultimate dream of any architect; outside fin in alu, metal, glass, Onyx natural stone… structural and sun screen. H60-hybrid steel: the first steel curtain wall ever without 1 cm of welding. M68 modular: the unitized system for the future; better, smarter, nicer.

GEALAN-SMOOVIO, space-saving space miracle

The innovative surface for plastic windows: acrylcolor fascinates more than ever. For 40 years, GEALAN has been selling and refining its unique selling point acrylcolor – a surface made of acrylic glass that is inseparable with its basic body and that refines and protects plastic windows for a long service life. When you talk about acrylcolor, you're talking in the same breath about GEALAN window profiles. Visit us at Polyclose, where you can admire our acrylic wall. You will be surprised by the wide range of colours we offer in acrylcolor. Living space is expensive and should therefore be used optimally. The GEALAN-SMOOVIO sliding system combines for the first time space-saving ease of use with excellent sealing against wind and rain. The interplay of newly developed hardware components, innovative profile geometry and optimised seals makes this possible.

Magnetude: unique system for leaf-covering entrance doors

This unique system for leaf-covering entrance doors, can be used for any PVC and aluminium profile system. Magnetude is a patented system all over Europe that works via magnetism. It offers enormous advantages: anti-dilatation (glued systems can be a cause of dilation. The exterior plate of the door expands and deforms the leaf of the door. Magnetude lets the exterior plate of the door work independently form the leaf - tested at 90° C); gain of time in production (the assembling of a Magnetude system only takes 6 minutes comparing it with the 2h for a classical glued panel); burglar protection; adjustment (with Magnetude you can still adjust the leaf by using adjustment blocs); invisibly mounted door handles; dammage (the sandwich panel can be installed and the day of delivering the project the leaf covering front plate can be placed easily with magnetism. This avoids any discussion related to damage); changing parts (Magnetude offers the possibility to change all parts of the door separately).

HAROL ushers in 2020 with a series of firsts 

HAROL traditionally introduces its novelties in terms of sun protection at Polyclose but the 2020 edition is shaping up to be very special. HAROL will debut an entirely new generation of folding arm awnings. The brand is showcasing no fewer than 5 new awnings as the result of two years of extensive development. The new range consists of three separate collections: Minimal (sleek and modern, blends into its surroundings), Elegant (elegant lines) and Curved (curved design). Each of the collections includes different versions to allow the consumer to put together their very own sun protection solution according to their style and functional needs. In the Outdoor Living range, another HAROL speciality, all eyes are on the tiltable slatted roof Brera. In the wake of the Vision and the Opera it’s a logical addition to the range, with new features. Customers can opt for LED lighting and an extension with a screen or glass sliding wall.

Trend-setting handle solutions

At Polyclose 2020, HOPPE will present a range of new mechatronic hardware: keyless access solutions such as eHandles FingerScan and HandsFree for doors as well as wireless window handles for Smart Home applications like the eHandles SecuSignal, ConnectHome and AutoLock for windows. The eHandle HandsFree for doors enables contactless unlocking of the front door only by swiping the foot through a light field under the pull handle. The eHandles SecuSignal and ConnectHome for windows use energy harvesting from EnOcean and are therefore climate-friendly, battery-free and maintenance-free. The burglar-resistant eHandle AutoLock for windows locks automatically by means of a battery-powered electromechanical locking bolt when turned to the closed position – in a convenient and secure manner. Mechanical burglary protection is also a topic at Polyclose: with the innovative SecuForte window handle technology, HOPPE presents a completely new standard of burglar resistance.

Pleated fly-screen door 28 mm in fixed frame

The Plissé 28 in fixed frame is a new type of pleated fly-screen door where the highest user and assembly convenience is considered. A big advantage is that the Plissé 28 can be placed directly ON the frame. The pleated door is in an aluminium frame of only 28 mm thick, which is with 4 screws very easy to install. The pleated mesh is available in black and gray. Thanks to the special bearing system, the Plissé 28 slides very lightly, silently and the cords are minimally loaded. The Plissé 28 can be used for in and outdoor. The Plissé 28 single is applied to single doors and the plissé 28 can be used as a floating version for double doors or sliding doors. Standard colors are: RAL-9016 (white), RAL-9001 (cream), RAL-7016 (anthracite gray). All other RAL colors on request. The pleated 28 is available in single versions up to 160 cm and in floating versions up to a width of 260 cm and 240 cm high.

Extra long profits from the Intratone XL Package

At the fair you will have the opportunity to get an extra long warranty on the DINA Intercom system with the Intratone XL Package. This is a 10-year guarantee on all hardware and now for this exhibition also the free Digital Communication Board. You can, for example, hang it in the entrance of a building in order to inform your residents accurately, quickly and directly of information and important matters about the building. So benefit from 10 years of convenience and security for the manager, the residents and visitors of your building.

AA 5110 aluminum sliding system

With the AA 5110, Kawneer introduces an aluminum sliding system with excellent thermal properties, making an Uw of 1.1 easily possible with triple glass in common dimensions. Due to the high system rigidity, the sliding system is suitable for large window areas. Together with the high wind and water tightness, it makes the sliding system, next to luxury homes, ideal for use in apartment construction. In addition, the high wind tightness also makes the sliding system fit very well within airtight building or Passive House construction. A major advantage for the window manufacturer is that the AA 5110 can be produced very easily and fast. The AA 5110 sliding system can be combined with both the RT72 Reflex and HI+ frames and the AA 100 Q curtain wall and thus offers a uniform façade image in your project. The Kawneer AA 5110 sliding system is available as of the second quarter of 2020. AA 5110 aluminum sliding system: optimally insulating (Uw 1.1 possible); easy and fast to produce; airtight construction; ideal for high-rise buildings; large window areas.

Dri-Design: low-maintenance design facades

With the Dri-Design cassette system you install new facades quickly and easily. The installation only takes place at the top of the cassettes, which are connected to each other without any additional mounting conditions. An integrated gutter system guides rain and condensation behind the ventilated facade. Dri-Design is also 100 % recyclable. Sandwich panels are well-known as facades material for utility buildings. Dri-Design adds 3D shapes to the application possibilities in four types: Flat, Tapered, Shadow and Perforated. Since the cassettes fit perfectly together, the different types are easy to combine. Due to the specific installation process, Dri-Design cassettes are easy to reuse. The cassettes can be installed on Kingspan Karrier sandwich panels, but also on existing facades. This makes Dri-Design very suitable for new-built and renovation projects.

Locking systems manufacturer CES introduces its new “Look & Feel” designer range for premium interior finishes

They may be a small detail, but door fittings and lever handles have long held plenty of fascination for architects. The best-known example is probably the Gropius Lever Handle, designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. Now, the trend is for dark tones and matt surfaces. The locking systems manufacturer CES based in Velbert, Germany, has tapped into this trend, presenting new colours and surfaces for its “Look & Feel” range. To achieve the glimmering, matt look and velvety feel of the surface, the brass case undergoes a multi-stage coating process, which includes the addition of fine metal particles. These lend the cylinders and knobs the same velvety appearance as the latest generation of door fittings and lever handles. CES has also selected its colour palette on the basis of the ranges offered by leading fittings manufacturers. Six shades are available, from Midnight Black to Rising Bronze and Moonlight Silver. The new design is available to order with immediate effect for both mechanical and electronic locking cylinders, as well as for mortise locks.

MULTI SECUAIR, security and energy-efficient ventilation

Leave the house with tilted windows with no need to worry about uninvited guests or a sudden rainstorm. MACO provides peace of mind with the MULTI SECUAIR secure ventilation position which provides security and energy-efficient ventilation with its reduced tilt depth of up to 10 mm. This makes it ideal for modern lifestyles, as it provides continuous ventilation and a constant room climate when the occupants are away for extended periods and for building shells with increased air tightness. At the bottom the sash remains anchored in the frame. If MULTI SECUAIR is combined with a lockable handle – such as the MACO-TRESOR handle – then the solution is equipped and tested for burglary-resistance grade RC 2. With just one additional component, a standard timber window can be quickly and easily upgraded or even turned into a premium unit. This is also a plus for logistics and storage, keeping them lean and economical.

Guarantee of performance excellence and great working flexibility

The MECAL 5-axis machining centre MC 304 Ariel-5 MDT fully expresses the Italian company’s high technological standards as guarantee of performance excellence and great working flexibility in the faceted and complex scenario of aluminium applications. This machine is characterised by extremely high machining capacity and utmost versatility. The tool magazine with 12 positions is located on the carriage of the machine; the tool change can be realized in any position of the working area, with significant time reduction between different machining types. The machining centre is equipped with a cutting module (MDT) devised to machine profiles completely, including the extruded bar sectioning and facing. The use of digital electronics enables to apply fibre optic for the data transmission, which guarantees high speed and total absence of interferences due to external factors. The motorised clamps for locking the piece are independent and can be simultaneously positioned in very short times also during the machining cycle, to speed up production and to guarantee high accuracy standards of the finished product.

Fast key profile recognition and security door fittings with returns springs

Metafa Keyline introduces the Camillo Reader Advanced at Polyclose, this is an indispensable machine for the modern key maker. The Camillo Reader Advanced is able to indicate within 20 seconds which key profile you can use as a duplicate key. In addition, you can also add your own key profiles and indicate which hook position they hang on your key wall. Metafa is also introducing Dieckmann new aluminium security fittings with returns springs at Polyclose. The security door fittings that are additionally equipped with pull-off protection, are thereby given a special door handle with returns spring on the plate. This gives you an even finer operation for your entrance door. In this series there is also a door handle model that is suitable for use on emergency and panic / escape doors according to the EN 179 standard.

Window construction software LogiKal is being further optimized

Customers can look forward to an update that will make it even easier for them to build the best windows, doors and curtain walls. With the LogiKal 12 version, Orgadata wants to offer its customers a whole new way of working. This gets clear when considering the software's new "look and feel": everything becomes even more transparent. Among other things, the new icons ensure this. The new LogiKal is reminiscent of the familiar working environments of Office products. Also the project center profits from the new developments in LogiKal 12, in which the projects are started and the positions are created. In the future it will be possible to work on different projects at the same time. In addition, users can transfer work steps and complete positions from one project to another, simply by drag-and-drop.

New hybrid exterior doors Axino

"Axino" stands for "Acces Innovation" and combines the best of the world of wood, aluminium and PVC in a totally new concept. With its hybrid exterior doors, Axino opens a new era in the world of housing. Hybrid doors are extremely insulating, burglar-resistant, stable, breathtakingly beautiful, available in all possible colours and this in an unlimited range of models and all possible customisation. With Axino's hybrid doors, we can also make replicas of old wooden doors with any recovery of existing ironwork or decorative fittings... This door is composed of a plastic frame profile, a very strong aluminium wing profile and inner and outer plating in Modified Wood Composite. These doors look like wooden doors and are available in all common colours of PVC and aluminium.

ROB folding shutter fittings

Tested according to EN13659, the ROB folding shutter fittings for wooden, PVC, or aluminium folding shutters can now also handle a maximum weight of 40 kg per panel. When open or closed, it can easily cope with a wind load of 12 Beaufort or wind speeds of up to 133 km/h. This opens up new possibilities for the installation of the largest ever windproof folding shutters with a shutter width and height of max. 800 mm and 3000 mm, respectively, and a total shutter area of up to max. 2.4 m². With a maximum weight of 40 kg per panel, the ROB fittings can handle up to 4 panels per side with a maximum wood thickness of 40 mm. These installation-friendly fittings have been specially developed for the shutters to fall perfectly into the same plane as the façade when closed. As a blackout, this is a perfect alternative to external solar shading. The shutters can be locked in an open or closed position.

Brand new high performance 4-axis CNC machining centre

Rogiers presents the most recent novelties within its range of aluminium processing machines at Polyclose 2020. Eye-catcher is the FOM FMC 470, a fully automated processing centre with 4 interpolating axes for the machining of aluminium profiles with a cross-section of 250x230 mm and steel tubes up to 2 mm thick. A 7kw, liquid-cooled electro spindle with a maximum rotation speed of 20.000 rpm allows the production of custom-machined and milled elements. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to manage up to 10 driven axes controlled by CN. The ergonomic lines of the new FOM protective casing ensure an excellent visibility during machining, while the illuminated logo signals the machine’s status at a glance. The machining centre distinguishes itself in the technological innovation of its patented components, such as the base which shape is optimised to collect chips and waste and the exclusive X-FLOW dynamic tool lubrication system.

Schüco LivIngSlide – the new lift-and-slide door system

Schüco LivIngSlide meets the highest standards in terms of comfort and design and benefits from efficient fabrication and installation. A lift-and-slide door from the Schüco LivIng series offers numerous possibilities to bring architectural ideas to life – be it in a newbuild or an existing property. It is available in many different designs, colours and with various security and comfort features. Schüco is known for its particularly elegant sliding systems with concealed fittings and sleek profiles. The ASE 80 LC – the "LC" of which stands for Lean Construction – is the latest addition to this family. The design is state of the art. Everything is geared towards letting in as much light as possible, without compromising on energy efficiency and comfort. With this new system, vent weights of up to 500 kilograms and vent heights and widths of up to 3.5 metres are possible. This emphasises the essential qualities of this system: the way in which large and, at the same time, highly transparent sliding elements can be produced.

Soltis Touch, a refined high-performance weave with natural accents to enhance the aesthetics of your interior

Thanks to its unique natural effect achieved with our exclusive multi-colour, multi-material weave, Soltis Touch plays with the light, creating colour effects and transparencies that add character to your interior. Solar protection becomes a crucial element in your interior design. A range of harmonious colours for enhancement to your projects ambiance. Some 28 tone-on-tone fabrics in subtly coloured shades that blend effortlessly with the rest of your design represent the ideal solution for spaces where texture and colour are key. Unbeatable performance for better, more elegant comfort. Soltis Touch design provides optimal interior solar protection: glare control and thermal comfort with remarkable sound-absorbing capabilities for more soothing interiors.

Concealed solutions

Concealed solutions will be the focus of Sobinco’s presence at Polyclose 2020. As such, aesthetics and minimalism have finally got the upper hand. The latest innovation is the concealed door hinge, an outstanding development with a large adjustment range and an incomparable ease of installation. Also new are the stylishly designed operating accessories for BT-Lock. It’s now possible to use the cylinder-operated sliding doors with minimalist door pulls and turn knobs. Additionally, Sobinco will be presenting its window fittings for double balcony windows with low threshold. Sobinco will also be introducing its expanded Edge range of handles with a lockable window handle and the updated Sobinox range. Finally, to make this aesthetically complete, new anodisation tints will be introduced.

Eclaz One, a perfect alliance between well-being, saving and ecology

Within Sprimoglass, we do our best to answer our clients’ needs and therefore, to offer them products that fit perfectly into our society, with its trends, values and developments. That’s why we’d like to present to you our new product: the Eclaz One. Its assets? This glass brings in a lot of natural light and offers a high thermal insulation, thanks to its Ug factor of 1.0. A guaranteed positive impact on your well-being! The Eclaz One will therefore be suited for low-energy buildings and passive houses but its light input will also be appreciated in hospitals or schools. A perfect alliance between well-being, saving and ecology. The insulation performance of our product can also be boosted with our Warm-Edge spacers. They help reduce the Uw factor and they’re available in several sober colours that will match any window frame.

CNC controlled 4 head corner crimping machine; unique in the market

On the stand of Tryma Machines you can view a fully CNC controlled 4 head corner crimping machine with automatic infeed and outfeed table. This machine sets itself up automatically based on the data from the work preparation package. Not only the width and height of the frame, but also the clamps and crimping knives are automatically adjusted based on the profile type. This means that all profiles are machined with the same knives and therefore no more manual changes are required. This corner crimping machine is unique in the market.

Airtight built-in roller shutter without thermal bridge

The ShutterX built-in roller shutter was further optimised and used more frequently last year. This innovation, developed by Wilms, guarantees substantial savings on your energy bill of no less than 43 EUR/year/window. Thanks to ShutterX, there are no more cold window sills and up to 3 S-points are gained, resulting in a better EPC score. The cold is kept outside in the winter and overheating of the house is prevented in the summer. In order to guarantee the well-known delivery reliability, Wilms has invested heavily in a far-reaching vertical integration at the Meerhout site. This strategy will be further expanded with the roll-out of a production line to meet the rapidly increasing demand for screens. Wilms is celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2020. CEO Erik Wilms: “Wilms will proudly present its rebranding – including a completely new logo – at Polyclose. For the past 45 years, we’ve been selling products that nobody really wants to see, but everyone wants to have.”